Vehicles Which Require Heavy Duty Tow Trucks

Heavy duty tow trucks are boosted with recovery systems and pulling force for challenging and extra demanding towing duties which requires great power. The trucks are armed with wheel lift, under reach technology which enables them to perform strenuous tasks efficiently without any damage. Some heavy duty tow trucks come with booms that can lift ore recover vehicles from ditches or embankments. Some of the heavy duty vehicles that can be towed are:

1. Semi tractor-trailers

Heavy duty towing involves performing technical tasks. No matter if you have a broken-down semi-tractor or a single axle trailer, they can be moved to the designated location with the right tow trucks. Companies will utilize hook up equipment for more safety and protection, depending on the type of vehicle towed. Towing personnel are typically well experienced and trained in towing semi tractor-trailers. Without the knowledge and experience, towing these vehicles may prove dangerous and could pose potential risks to damaging them. Be sure to engage services from reputable and well-established service providers that really know how to handle and manage semi tractor-trailers.

2. Motorhomes

Due to the large size and weight of most motorhomes, a regular or light duty towing truck may not be able to handle the job. You may want to do a bit of research to ensure you are hiring the right towing company that is capable of handling your the weight of your motorhome before requesting assistance. Heavy duty truck will be required to safely transport your motorhome to desired locations. Regular passenger vehicle towing engines may not have enough towing capacity to perform the tow. The professional service providers will use heavy duty wheel lifts as well as frame axle to tow motorhomes, so that they can ensure the towed vehicle will be secured and risks no damage through the transportation.

3. Buses

Buses pose several challenges when towing due to the shape and length of these vehicles. Without special equipment, towing large buses can be demanding. However, with heavy duty tow trucks, they can tow these large vehicles proficiently and safely. Some companies will arm the tow trucks with specialized equipment for preventing skidding or ground effects when transporting over long distances. Certain tow trucks have extended wheel lifts which can hold deep and tight onto the axles, so that the vehicle can be towed to the designated location safely.

Heavy Duty Tow

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